Environmental policy

The campsite La Grande Tortue has been involved in an environmental approach since 2005, having obtained the Ecolabel label in 2012.

The environmental policy of the camp site is defined in 3 axes

  • Reduction of volumes and impacts of waste
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Establishment of a responsible purchasing policy.

To carry out this policy, the strategies are mainly oriented towards :

  • education, awareness of staff and customers
  • putting in place the material and human resources to implement them

The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of the management, which is committed to boosting the entire company. Its goal is to be among the best in the profession of outdoor tourism.

During the years 2017 and 2018, we have undertaken, among other things, to redevelop the garbage collection site in order to encourage customers to recycle, reduce the flow of outdoor water terminals and equip new mobile homes with the GTC system, which autonomously manages the power consumption.

The water flow of the faucets is limited to 6 to 8 liters per minute by aerators.

The lighting points are triggered by twilight cells and / or motion detectors.

In our accommodation, the provided undersheets are collected and send back to the supplier who recycles them

We are also committed to maintaining our existing commitments and communicating to customers, employees and other partners.

By welcoming you on our campsite, we hope you’ll follow our guideline regarding our environmental policy.